Dear film fan,

We’re building a home for stories that amplify light (or, as we call it, our North Star).

<aside> 💡 How do we define light? True, honest, noble, just, authentic, lovely, admirable, and excellent


Just as a compass, the stars and magnetic North guided sailors through dark waters centuries ago, our North Star for filmmaking helps us navigate dark times and focus on light in our day.

Darkness can seem pervasive. Last year introduced fires all over Australia, pandemic, economic turmoil, locusts infestations, rising food prices, protests and riots, earthquakes, and financial warfare (look up Hedge Funds and GameStop). Sometimes it feels as if the tumultuous events are becoming more frequent.

There’s a reason the film business was one of the few industries that grew during the Great Depression. Hope is a fundamental human need and in yesteryear, the filmmakers mastered storytelling to meet that need.

Unfortunately, most shows offered these days add to the cynicism, division, and darkness so pervasive in society.

Fortunately, darkness and light, hope and despair, cannot exist in the same place at the same time. And we believe if we build a home for creators and communities to connect, specifically those who align with our North Star, Angel Studios will become known for fulfilling our universal human need for hope and light. Our time feels short. Choosing, funding, creating, and spreading stories that matter has never felt more urgent.

Whether as a customer, investor or team member thank you for joining us.

Neal Harmon

Co-Founder and CEO

Angel Studios

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